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January 16, 2012


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I wasn’t going to make a resolution this year just because there is so much I can improve on daily, but as the year is slowly progressing by (all 15 days of it!), I thought of the perfect thing to work on this afternoon. I was sitting in Starbucks with my feet on an empty chair doing my weekly reading when a lady asked if she could join me at my table because the place was full. I reluctantly agreed. As I was taking my feet off the empty chair, I totally apologized. For what, I’m not sure?

Taking a minute to analyze myself, I came to the realization that I apologize at least 30 times a day! And 29 of those times, I am not really apologizing at all but rather just using the words, “I’m sorry”, as a filler. I apologize when I tell the nurses to do things; I apologize to patients for having to ask them questions; I apologize if I drop a piece of candy. You get the gist. It’s part of my vocabulary. I’ve been told in the past to stop apologizing because people think that I’m really actually sorry about something I’ve done. In actuality, I don’t even realize that I’m saying it.

So my 2012 resolution is to stop using “I’m sorry” unless I mean it! I have a feeling that this will be much harder to accomplish than it sounds considering I don’t even know that I’m apologizing most of the time. If you catch me saying “I’m sorry”, you have a free pass to give me a hug! I was totally going to say smack me over the head but that may lead to some aches and bruises. Just being practical. 🙂


January 1, 2012


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Happy new year! I’ve been amazingly horrible about posting this last month. We have had some issues about social media network and being professional, but mostly, I got to go home and was completely disconnected from everything for a glorious 8 days. I’m still in a minor runt about being back in Baltimore, but it’ll pass, especially once I stop working nights.

So 2011 was a big year for me! Lots of changes. Too many changes at times! It was a great year but I hope 2012 is a little more chill. Some recaps:

Finished med school
Got a job
Spent a month in India and Thailand
Got to explore some beautiful national parks (and camped with a tent!)
My best friend got married
Moved to a brand new city
Had to learn to make new friends (again)
Learned how to call myself “Dr.” (though I still introduce with my first name a lot)
Helped save my first life
Had my first death (deaths…)

It’s been a good year. I have a feeling that 2012 will only be better. Happy new year! 🙂



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