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February 20, 2012


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I’d forgotten how much I love kids. The smaller and the cuter they are, the more I just want to play with them. I’m having a really good month reacquainting myself with the little people. Working with adults has definitely made me a little jaded about mankind. From the drug addicts to the people who do stupid things to themselves, I was definitely starting to feel a little burnt out by the end of last month in the adult ED.

However, unlike the adults I see, the majority of the kids are so clean (!) and so cute. They are super sweet and it makes me melt a little bit every time I get a hug from one of them, which is more frequent than not. The medicine has been really interesting too! I’ve seen everything from mild colds to crazy congenital cases to really sad stuff like abuse and neglect. The variety has been fascinating!

When I chose to go into EM instead of Pediatrics third year of medical school, I was pretty sure that I had committed myself to adult medicine. However, considering how much I am enjoying this month, the idea of doing a fellowship in Pediatric ER and working with both has definitely crossed my mind. Knowing myself, I’ll change my mind another two hundred more times before I settle on anything. As for now, I’ll just enjoy all my little hugs (not to mention all the screaming and crying that comes along with the territory.)

Kids are so cute!



February 12, 2012

Bucket List

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Whether you have a physical list or a mental list, I think it’s fair to say that everyone has a list somewhere of things they want to do, to see, to accomplish, or to experience before they reach a certain age (or die!). My mental list consists of a lot of places to travel to and career goals and whatnot, but after this weekend, I am able to cross off several things that I’ve never thought about.

I am doing a rotation at Children’s National Hospital in DC this month. To save myself the commute, I have been crashing with one of my good childhood friends who lives in the area. Coming home for the weekend this last Saturday, I discovered that my apartment had been broken into while I was away. My bedroom window has been opened somehow and the internal grating of the window had been kicked in. I had a fleeting panic attack, but after calling the police, mass texting my friends, and reassessing the situation, I realized that it could have been way worst.

Though I am without a few material goods now, including my Macbook Air, I am so grateful to not have been there when it happened. I think that is the scariest part of the whole situation. It was my bedroom window! And I’m a hard sleeper!

So to add to my bucket list, whether it was warranted or not, I can cross off that I have been robbed, that I’ve  called 911, and that I met a real-live crime scene investigator (though the ones on CSI are way cooler). Though I am relatively calm and collected about the situation, I am a little hesitant about having to sleep in the apartment. I am almost sure that whoever did this will never come back because he (or she) stole the only big valuable thing I owned, but now that it has happened, I know that I’m not immuned to these petty crimes as I once believed. Luckily but unluckily, I will be away most of the month in DC. I will have to call the landlords on Monday and see if something can be arranged.

On a brighter note, the rest of the weekend was absolutely wonderful. I’m grateful for that as well.



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