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October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

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As people prepared for Hurricane Sandy by gathering food and water and generators, I prepared by taking a prophylactic nap just in case I was called in overnight. With the roads closed and streets flooded, if you lived within a short distance from the hospital, there was a chance that you may be called in to work for those who lived further. Yesterday was actually my day off, one in between two sets of 4 shifts. We got an email earlier in the day asking who all was working and who all would be available if staff was needed. One of my friends who was scheduled to work last night and tonight was stranded in North Carolina and his shifts needed coverage. I actually offered to come in and cover, but because of scheduling, I would have gone over duty hours*. So luckily, I weathered the storm on the couch with my roommate.

It’s kind of weird because this is my first storm as a real health care provider. Instead of getting days off work, I anticipate working more. Instead of being safe and sound at home, there is a chance I actually have to drive to the hospital. It’s so strange to think that from now on, I could be an active participant during any emergency situation. Totally weird.

Now that things are settled and the worst of the storm has passed, I am heading off to work my string of nights shifts. I’m predicting that it’s either going to be a mad house in the ED with people affected by the storm or it’s going to be completely quiet. I’m not sure what I hope it’ll be. Wish me luck!

I hope everyone stayed safe and dry and that your electricity comes back on soon if it went out!

*As residents, we are technically not supposed to work more than 80 hours a week on average over the month.

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