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November 18, 2012

Noctural Life: Part I

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I am surviving the nocturnal life better than expected. I did invest in some melatonin to help adjust my sleep cycle but I feel so medically wrong for taking a sleep aid. I know that people do it all the time, but I dislike taking medicine if I can avoid it. It’s helping me get more hours of sleep during the day though. Being on nights really messes up my schedule. I haven’t done anything but work and sleep this last week. After being at the hospital for 14 hrs a day, there is not much time to do anything else. It’s weird because I work the same hours during the day, but my energy level is much higher and I actually hang out with people. It’s like being jet-lagged and trying to trick your body from reacting to natural day/night stimuli.

I was doing ok until yesterday. After five nights in a row, I woke up a little queasy after my nap. Nonetheless, I decided to l keep my dinner plans. I made the mistake of having some wine before my food arrived and it was all down hill from there. Despite having only half a glass of wine, I felt like I had taken 4 shots in a row. I was nauseous, lightheaded, and ready to pass out. My friend had to drive me home. It was a bit ridiculous. After sleeping 14 hours (!!!), I felt much better. Apparently lack of sleep and alcohol on an empty stomach are not good together. I don’t think I’ve ever slept that much in my life!

I actually like working nights, but I don’t know if the effects it has on my body is worth it. Many women physicians choose to work nights because it works well with their family schedule. You’re at work when your husband and kids are asleep. You get home in time to send your kids to school. Then you sleep while your family is gone, and wake up when they get home. It’s good in theory but I’m sure it doesn’t work out that well in reality.

Of note, my building, which has never been broken into, had a break in last week. Someone had accidentally left the back door open. It wasn’t my apartment and the robber was arrested, but seriously! Is it me? Do I attract robberies? Maybe it was just a coincidence. Maybe.  I will continue to lock my bedroom door when I sleep for now. Mild-PTSD.


November 2, 2012


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Fall is my favorite season. I love the food, the warm drinks (hot chocolate!), the colors, everything! This year, I have even more to look forward to, especially in November and December. Starting this week, I have become nocturnal. For the next 5 weeks, I will only work night shifts. In return, I have every single weekend off starting with this upcoming weekend until 2013. I haven’t had this many weekends off since the start of medical school!

Though I am super excited about my free weekends, I am a little worried my body is not going to handle the nocturnal change for such an extensive amount of time very well. I am terrible, horrible day time sleeper. I am definitely a morning person and more importantly, I need my 7-8 hours of sleep or else I am just not very fun to be around. When I work nights, I end up averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep and by the end of a string of shifts, I am a zombie. It’s like  being constantly jet-lagged for 5 weeks straight! I am going to have to do some research about how to get more sleep during the day.

As for my weekends, I am going to start the month out with some post-birthday celebration with some friends. Luck has it so this year, I am working on every holiday, including my own birthday. You name it and I’m probably working: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. Such is the life of a resident. However, to make full use of my time off, I already have a few weekend trips planned so far. I may go utterly broke from my weekend getaways, but I sure do love this weekend concept! I cannot wait to reconnect with some of my long lost friends!



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