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May 31, 2013


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I cannot believe that it’s already the end of May (or that I haven’t posted in months). I tend to blog when things are either really good or really bad. When things are stable, there isn’t much to say. Work is going really well; life is steady. I have no complaints. The only thing that is pending is the inevitable decision that I have to make soon (within months) about what I’m going with the rest of my life.

Up until now, the only big decisions I’ve had to make about my career was that I was going to do medicine and then later on, what type of medicine. The minute details of where I was going to go really depended on all of these other factors: cost, location, acceptance, etc. Now, at the tail end of my training, all of a sudden, I can choose to practice ANYWHERE in ANY SETTING and people are going to pay me to do so. The recruitment has definitely started. I get emails almost daily with opportunities all over the US. It’s weird.

I’m debating whether or not I want to stay in the academic world or leave and just work for a few years in the community. My program is very academic so there is an unspoken pressure to stay in the academic world. I don’t have to make the final decision until the fall, but I think about it all the time. What would you do?

As for now, I’m going to continue enjoying life as it is. 🙂



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