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June 26, 2013

Big Girl

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I started my first day of my last year of residency this past Monday. In addition to the normal jitters of beginning a new year, I just so happened to have the hardest rotation of my residency first: Trauma ICU. As a third year resident (brand, freaking new third year), I am assuming the role of a “fellow” on one of the the trauma intensive care units. The other people on the team are real critical care fellows (which means that they are in training beyond residency). The reason this rotation is really scary for all of us is because when we’re on call (30 hours in house call) every third night, you are left alone with all the patients at night. Of course you always have backup because there are so many doctors in the hospital, but for the most part, it’s you and yourself. And these are sick, trauma patients – breathing machines, multiple meds, etc. Kind of a big deal!

Though I have been anticipating this rotation since we got our 2013-2014 schedule, this week has gone really smoothly so far. I had my first call last night and I’m happy to say that we all survived (myself included!) I had a really sick patient who kept me busy for a few hours but I think I did ok. Started some meds, shocked his heart, minor details. I did text page my attending to keep her updated, but she did not have to come into the hospital to help me at all. I definitely had a bit of an adrenaline high this morning when I walked out of the hospital having survived my first call (though I had no problem falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.)

Though I still have many hours ahead of me, I am really pumped that this month has started off with a pretty positive kick. I will be completely and utterly tired, but I’m excited about it. Wish me luck!

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