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September 3, 2013


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How in the world is it already September? Where has all the time gone? I honestly feel like I just started residency yesterday and now, in less than 9 months, they’re going to make me leave and work on my own. I’m mildly freaked out. Older residents have told me that I will get to a point this year when it’ll all click and I’ll be ready, but I can tell you ┬ánow that I’m no where at that point yet. I like being sheltered! I am the youngest after all (…only half kidding.)

This last month was a mini-vacation. I did an elective in risk management which was really interesting, but it was also really light. Despite it being an easy few weeks, I’ve had this whole “What in the heck am I going to do next year” looming over me. All my life, things were decided for me whether it was based on situation, cost, admission, etc. I’ve moved every four years since I was 18 years old for some sort of school. Now, all of a sudden, I have EVERY option open to me – I can work anywhere! So overwhelming! It’s a blank canvas.

Right now I’m a little torn between staying for a fellowship (extra training) versus just working. This wouldn’t be much of a question elsewhere, but my program is very academic heavy so a lot of people are doing fellowships, and without anything being said, there is an unspoken pressure to stay in academics. It’s the pressure of the masses. I need to figure out my priorities and go from there.

What would you do….

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